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“Dem” (Sengr. In Demos, δῆμος – nation) is an ancient Greek word meaning a group of people who in some sense can be considered as one whole, united by the same interests, goals and rights of citizens.

The association “Dēms” was founded on December 14, 2004 as the association “Youth club” Dēms “. The main goal is to represent and defend the interests of young people.

In 2014, the name of the organization was changed – “Association “Dēms ”, because over time and changing various socio-economic conditions, the association has transformed into an organization that is oriented towards the population of all ages.

The goals of the association are:

  • performance of public benefit activities related to the creation of an accessible environment, representation and defence of interests of people of all ages for active participation in public and social processes;
  • carrying out public benefit activities to promote access to lifelong learning;
  • carrying out public benefit activities to promote sustainable development;
  • to promote the improvement of the quality of life of the society.

The true nature of the association is about living in the local community – together young and not so young people are volunteers, members of the association, involved in charity events, projects, and making in reality their ideas!

Areas of activity of the “Dems”:

  • the environment
  • active learning
  • non-formal education
  • good works
  • youth initiatives
  • youth employment
  • local and international volunteering
  • seniors (50+)
  • charity